Established 12,024 Human era

Who We Are

At SPACELIFE.IO, we envision a future where humanity thrives both on Earth and beyond. Our mission is to pioneer a movement that blends fashion with purpose, igniting a passion for space exploration while addressing the urgent existential dilemma of space debris orbiting Earth.

The Problem

Space debris poses a significant threat to satellites, spacecraft, and even human life in orbit. The accumulation of defunct satellites, spent rocket stages, and other remnants of human space exploration not only endangers ongoing missions but also jeopardizes the long-term sustainability of space activities.

Our Team

Partnering with ASTROSCALE, a leader in space debris removal technology, SPACELIFE.IO is committed to funding cutting-edge research and generating innovative ideas to safeguard our celestial environment. We believe that the preservation of space is not just a responsibility but an imperative for the future of our species.


Doing Your Part

SPACELIFE.IO aims to raise awareness about this critical issue through our apparel, leveraging our platform to educate and inspire action. With each purchase, our customers join us in supporting ASTROSCALE's efforts to develop and deploy advanced technologies for debris removal, orbital servicing, and sustainable space practices. Join us as we embark on a journey to save space and secure a brighter future for humanity, both on Earth and amongst the stars.